More about us

Dromaxx Ltd has operated in the construction industry since 2012. 
The company’s partners with many years of experience in infrastructure construction, numerous successes and extensive knowledge in the construction industry have joined forces.

Today, as an infrastructure and service company, Dromaxx focuses particularly on road and airport construction.

Also a general contractor, we offer services in infrastructure sectors: roads, airports, building construction and industrial construction. 

Bearing in mind that the success of a company is determined by its people, we have a highly qualified workforce and are, therefore, able to offer services ideally suited to our clients’ needs. We act professionally, carrying out the contracts entrusted to us on the basis of up-to-date and modern management standards.

We offer: 

Road construction

Comprehensive operation of aggregate and concrete mixing plants, Mineral and concrete mixture production services, Pouring of concrete pavements.


Surface works, Earthwork in the area of infrastructure and housing construction, Remediation of flat, post-mining and mine sites, Development of green areas, road greenery, seeding on flat surfaces and slopes.

Foundation slabs

Earthwork and comprehensive provision of foundation slabs for residential and commercial construction, Construction in ecological energy-saving technology, Sales and rental of real estate.


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